Meet Shannon Saulsbury

Sit back, relax, and raise a glass as we celebrate National Wine Day with an introduction to our very own Sommelier and Wine & Sake Program Manager, Shannon Saulsbury.

"Drinking wine is one of the best things we can do to save the planet while saving our humanity," is a phrase that Shannon will tell anyone who asks what has inspired her path as a sommelier. "While responsible viticulture is truly adept at rebuilding and retaining healthy soil and ecosystems, the human moments of sharing a glass of wine are what I am most interested in. Having a glass of wine forces you to sit down and be present in the moment. At times, it encourages you to open up more with friends, family, and even strangers. It is an elixir of life and connection in an increasingly disconnected world."

For Shannon, the love of food and beverage started while growing up on a farm in Iowa. Family dinners on Sunday were always required, and this was a time to connect and unwind over a shared meal. "Even though those family dinners were often the bane of my existence, I realize now that shared meals and moments are one of the best ways we can show love to one another," she concedes. A career in hospitality has been obvious to her ever since.

Shannon came to Flagship Restaurant Group in 2021 after working for some of the nation's leaders in Farm-to-Table Dining - the Farmhouse Restaurant Group of Vermont and Blue Hill at Stone Barns of New York, which is the two Michelin Star restaurant that has set the standard for experiential and ecologically-mindful dining over the past 20 years. In joining Flagship Restaurant Group, Shannon's vision is to align our wine and sake programming even more with our Conscious Earth Mission.

"Supporting small, sustainable producers is one of the best ways to guarantee a green future for the next generation," she says. "They deserve to be invested in, just as prior generations have invested in us."

Shannon lives in Omaha, Nebraska where she coordinates and curates the wine selections for our lucky diners all across the country. She insists that you should celebrate National Wine Day by opening a bottle of wine, sitting down for a meal, and telling someone you love them.

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An introduction to Shannon Saulsbury, Flagship Restaurant Group’s Sommelier and Wine & Sake Program Manager.

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